Includes all current and future apps!


Build profit-pulling membership site in minutes.


Create and sell online courses under your brand. 


Put customer engagement on steroids.


Build tests and quizzes for your courses and lessons on your site.


Create high converting sales funnels, upsells and downsells.


Create, manage and grow the best affiliate programs.


Record, manage and store user consents and revocations.


Create your own deals and crowdfunding marketplace.

More coming soon

Infinite scalability and customization.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bring as much traffic as you can and let our powerful servers handle all the load.

Unlimited Sites

Build unlimited sites and control them all from one dashboard. 

Translation Engine

Build sites and content in any language. Use built-in translations or create your own.

Custom Domain + SSL

Run your site, client area, and affiliate center from your own domain. Includes free SSL.

Coupon Generator

Generate coupons to offer special discounts for your courses or memberships.

Content Dripping

Control and schedule release of your content in courses or membership sites.

Email Templates

Customize every outgoing email to your customers using our easy rich text editor.

Site Designer

Customize every aspect of your sites - fonts, colors, messages, and more.

Checkout Designer

Customize checkout page with your logo, colors, and fonts to match your brand.

Enterprise Ready

Group Manager

Step 1

Create permission groups and add your teams to let them run day-to-day operations of your business.

Team Manager

Step 1

Create unlimited team accounts and assign controlled access to your main account, at absolutely no additional cost. 


Invanto has helped me to take my business from strength to strength and is now an invaluable part of it. It’s enabling me to create a passive income and to have a better relationship with my customers.

Nicola Parker

Trusted by entrepreneurs and coaches worldwide!

Whether you’re in real estate, health, relationship advice, wellness, corporate law, education, arts, or any other industry and want to share your knowledge with others, Invanto has the tools for you.

5-Star customer support

Invanto's support champions are all about delivering extra-ordinary customer experiences everyday. You'll always get a real, live human faster than you can say "Wow, that was amazingly fast and super helpful."

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Frequently asked questions

How many sites can I build in my account?

You can build as many sites, schools, and stores as you want. Write to us at [email protected] if you still have a question regarding your site limit.

Is there a transaction fee for any of the apps?

Normally, we have a 5% transaction fee for Spikro stores and AllyHut sales. But under this special offer there is NO transaction fee for any of the apps.

Do I get access to every app on your platform?

Yep! You see, our pricing model couldn't be any simpler. Multiple pricing plans lead to nothing but confusion. Add to it the onus of selling each app as a separate product – ugh, wouldn't it only add up to your costs? So, we give you unrestricted access to every current and future app we build for a one time fee under this special offer.

Is there some kind of hidden restriction on the features of the apps that I don't know about?

One word: Transparency. Except our premium integration engine and enterprise features, there are absolutely no restrictions to what you can do and achieve with our apps. This means that you can build unlimited schools, membership sites, online courses, and digital products. Pretty cool, innit?

Do I own my data?

Absolutely! You always own your customer data and your content. We'll never market to your customers, and you can export your customer data at any time.

I am an existing Invanto user. Can I buy this special offer using the same account?

No. Our cart will restrict you automatically if you use an email address of your existing account. Please use a different email address on the order page and a new Invanto account will be created for you.

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