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Build tests and quizzes for CoachRack courses, MemberFactory lessons or standalone sites just as easily.

Quiz & Assessment Builder

Create mock tests for all competitive exams

Flexible options

Different questions and quiz types will let you create a learning experience that matches your unique community needs.

Intuitive interface

An all-in-one exam building and completion platform that’s easy to use for you and your students alike.

Unlimited testing

No limits to the number of tests you create and audiences you create them for. Engage Invanto or non-Invanto communities freely!

Testnia is feature-packed

Engaging Quizzes

Create engaging tests and assessments in less than 5 minutes using our simple test creation wizard. Its intuitive interface allows for creating, copying and reordering sections, questions and even the entire tests.

- four different question types 
- time-based or non-time based, graded on ungraded tests 
- multiple sections tests 
- automatic grading on submission

Powerful Reports

Advanced tracking and reporting dashboard gives you detailed test reports with interactive graphs and CSV export enabled. Get precise test results with full student activity. 

Track who enrolled for what, when, and current progress and build reliable reports of your students’ progress.

Learning Certificates

Award certificates to your learners upon successful completion of your quizzes. Easily customize certificates with your own logo and signatures.

- certificates for completing the quiz for each lesson 
- customized logos and signatures

Don't forget about...

Cheating Prevention

Step 1

Increase the accuracy of your students’ results by selecting random questions from a pool of questions. For example, you can create 50 questions in a quiz, and set limit of 10 questions. Then 10 questions will be pulled randomly every time student starts the quiz.

Difficulty Adjustment

Step 1

Set time limits or no time limits to create quizzes for any difficulty level. You can also set a learning progress path by requiring your students to complete a lesson’s quiz before they can move to another lesson.

Multi-language Tests

Step 1

A multi-language audience is no longer a challenge! You can create one or multiple language tests just as easily.

Comprehensive Assessment

Step 1

Create multiple-section tests with different instructions and timings set for each section. For example, for GMAT test, you can create sections like "Analytics, English, Essay" and then create questions for each of the sections.

Responsive Design

Step 1

The tests are designed to be tablet and mobile friendly, so your students can take them on any device they want and whenever they need.

Awesome Support

Step 1

Need help with Testnia or other Invanto apps? Our support team is always by your side and rooting for your success!


"Testnia has been the perfect tool for me to conduct online exam for my digital marketing certification training. I always will be thankful to Invanto Team who helped to setup my first course launch & certification program."

Ashley Wilson

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any long-term commitments or contracts?

No, you can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime. There are no long-term contracts or commitments at all.

Can I integrate Invanto's other products with Testnia?

Testnia integrates seamlessly with MemberFactory sites and CoachRack schools. You can create Testnia quizzes and attach them to MemberFactory or CoachRack content

Can I access Testnia from anywhere?

Testnia is web-based application which means you can access your data and administrator area from any computer with a browser.

Do I need a web host

Your quizzes are fully hosted with Testnia, on Invanto platform. There’s nothing to install and you don’t need anything else.