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Higher visibility

Step 1

With AllyHut, your products will be presented to the ever-growing base of Invanto users. That’s thousands of potential affiliates who can pick your product to promote!

Increased ROI

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Save up to 90% on marketing costs – you’ll only be charged when a commission is made and the product or service is already bought. No risk or extra costs, just profit.

SEO boost

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Let your products and services be promoted on affiliate sites and reap the benefits of an instant SEO boost that affiliate links can give you.

Features that will rock your world

Create Commissions

Choose between flat and percentage referral rates on a global or per-product basis. Set a commission for each course and product separately or a global commission that applies to all your products. And, if all the calculation is too overwhelming, simply use optimal "Default Commission" settings and get straight to promoting and selling!

Build Your Affiliate Center

Connect with your affiliate network and make your products available though your own affiliate center hosted on your own domain. Customize the center with your own logo, a nice welcome message and a video to greet your affiliates and tell them why they should promote your product.

Promote External Products

An affiliate program minus the drawbacks! With AllyHut you can promote and sell Invanto and external products just as easily. Simply use the embedded code on your existing shopping cart’s Thank You page or invoke a hook, and start recording all affiliate sales.

Track Orders

Easily check the commission history stats for a given product or offer. See the total number of affiliates, commissions and sales generated by this product for the whole year. You’ll also get a list of your top-performing affiliates to drive even more sales to your other products!

Don't forget about...

Multiple Currencies

Step 1

Track sales in 6 different currencies and recalculate into your own currency.

Affiliate Crediting

Step 1

Conveniently credit sales to first or last affiliates, your choice.

Withdrawal Period

Step 1

Allow affiliates to easily withdraw their commissions – after your refund guarantee is over or before.

Personalized Messaging

Step 1

Customize the messages your affiliates will get on commission generation and withdrawal status update.


Step 1

Integrate nicely with your existing membership sites, online schools, or CartFog products.

Seller Ratings

Step 1

Feedback system to leave reviews for sellers and products. Automated seller ratings by system to show whether they are paying on time or not.


"I loooove Invanto for allowing me to create sites in a blink of an eye and I can clone & translate them within no time, because I run my business in two languages and with two topics Japan and Joymindset. And AllyHut makes it so much more easier to expand my army of affiliates. Go you, Invanto!"

Ronja Sakata

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any long-term commitments or contracts?

No, you can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime. There are no long-term contracts or commitments at all.

Can I run the affiliate center on my own domain?

Using CNAME, you can set up a fully branded affiliate center on your own domain. Your affiliates can register and access their affiliate links after they login to your affiliate center. You can rebrand the affiliate center using your own logo, images, etc.

What is affiliate network? How is it different than affiliate center?

Affiliate center is a dedicated affiliate portal for your affiliates where they can access their affiliate links, track their sales, and withdraw their commissions. Affiliate network is available only on Invanto site where we showcase your products. Other Invanto users get a chance to join as your affiliates and promote your products. With Invanto's affiliate network your product is instantly exposed to hundreds of potential affiliates.

Can I access AllyHut from anywhere?

AllyHut is web-based application which means you can access your data and administrator area from any computer with a browser.