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For first 100 users

Then $99/mo

for every 2500 users

Billing example:

0 to 100 users ⇒ $10/mo

101 to 2500 users ⇒ $99/mo

2501 to 5000 users ⇒ $198/mo

> 50,000 users? Contact us

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All future apps

We never take a cut of your revenue.


What is a user?
A user is nothing but a unique email address. It can be a customer, affiliate, staff, or an author. Say, a user with an email address of john@johndoe.com buys your course on CoachRack first, and on a later date, subscribes to one of your membership sites on MemberFactory. He or she will still be counted as ONE user.
Do I get access to every app on your platform?
Yep! You see, our pricing model couldn't be any simpler. Multiple pricing plans lead to nothing but confusion. Add to it the onus of selling each app as a separate product – ugh, wouldn't it only add up to your costs? So, we give you unrestricted access to every current and future app we build. You pay only for the number of users that you acquire as and when your business scales up.
You say this an all-access pricing plan. Is there some kind of hidden restriction on the features of the apps that I don’t know about?
One word: Transparency. There are absolutely no restrictions to what you can do and achieve with our products. At Invanto, the sky is your limit! You get to use the unlimited version of each of our apps. This means that you can build unlimited schools, membership sites, online courses, and digital products. There is no restriction on the number of users, orders, file attachments, video hosting either. Pretty cool, innit?
I am a high-volume seller. Do you have a separate pricing model for me?
We do, indeed! If you have more than 50,000 users, we will customize a high-volume pricing plan that can meet your needs and will be a perfect match for you. Simply contact our support and we'll help you with it.