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Is your website GDPR ready?

Make sure you’re compliant with data protection and privacy laws

Keep user consents and privacy preferences in one place

Create, store and keep your mandatory policies up-to-date

Easily collect, record, manage and store user consents and revocations

What you need to know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 2018, forcing all EU businesses to review and refine their data protection standards. Under its regulations, they now need explicit consent from users to handle their data and need to be able to provide a proof that such a consent was given. The same regulations may affect US businesses too, starting 2020.

Protect your users’ privacy

Make sure your clients' data is safely stored to avoid security breaches and unnecessary fines.

Stay compliance confident

Don't worry about complex compliance rules - we've got this covered for you.

Ensure business continuity

Track policy changes and earlier versions to keep all the data at hand when you need it.

Not sure if you need to be compliant?

Read more about GDPR on our blog

Top features include

Non-compliant businesses are subject to fines of up to €20 million, or 4% of the their global yearly turnover, whichever is higher. With ConsentUp, take the first step towards getting complaint.

Policy Creation

Create mandatory policies with our ready made, pre-filled Privacy, Terms of use, Cookies and other policy templates - or use your existing policies instead.

Keep track of all the changes with easy access to all the versions created for each policy on your site.

Consent Collection

Create separate content for each purpose: newsletter opt-outs, product sales, mandatory policy agreements and more.

Decide when you want each consent to appear and see how they are going to look like for any of your Invanto apps.

Policy Mapping

Map relevant policy documents to any site with just a few clicks - just select a policy from the dropdown and add to your site.

Your clients will be able to overview pending mandatory and optional consents before they tick and agree to continue.

Consent Management

Overview the details of any policy or consent you have created.

See the number of accepted docs and specific consents and revocations by individual users.

Coming Soon

Proofs to upload for consents received offline

Consent & revocation management across third-party tools

Record consents for your Wordpress sites


"With ConsentUp, I don't have to worry anymore to make my online business complaint with international privacy and GDPR law. Thank you Invanto!"

Kat Abianac

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Only pay when you record consents


For every 100k consents

Billing example:

First 100k consents: $20/mo

100k-200k consents: $40/mo

200k-300k consents: $60/mo

and so on...

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I do not have EU customers. Do I still need ConsentUp?
We strongly recommend to use ConsentUp and take first step towards getting complaint. After Europe, all countries are rapidly following the suite and implementing the strict privacy laws.
Is the app really free?
Using the ConsentUp app is absolutely free. You will be billed once you start recording the consents. For every 100k recorded consents there's a small fee of $20/mo. Based on the total number of recorded consents in your account, an invoice is issued on the first day of every month.
Do I become GDPR complaint when I start recording consents?
Recording consents is one, and most important, aspect of becoming GDPR complaint. We suggest you to seek legal advice and understand all the other aspects of the GDPR & privacy laws. ConsentUp helps you in keeping a record of your user's consents.
How do I contact support if I have further questions?
Contact us using of the support channels as shown on our support page.
It turns out it’s not for me. What are my options?
If you’re not satisfied with any Invanto product or service, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.