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Outsourcing Club for Overworked Entrepreneurs

Go back to your CEO job and let us do the grunt work.

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Join Outsourcing Club

We invite smart entrepreneurs, who are overworked and want to shed some of their work load to us. These entrepreneurs will make the right decision of joining StaffRack Club for a low monthly fee of $97. 

Hire & Execute

As soon as you sign up our StaffRack Club, you will get access to a staff of your choice. You will pay a reduced rate of only $5.99/hr for that staff. 

The same staff, outside StaffRack Club, would cost $28/hr with a six months contract.

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Step 3

Become a Happy Client

Well, there is no third step...other than becoming one of our super happy clients. 

Let us build your next million dollar product, do your client's work, or simply assist you in your day-to-day tasks such as email cleanup and social media posting.

We've been coined the Costco Or Sam's Club of outsourcing industry

Simply pay your membership dues and in return you get access to purchase at discount "warehouse" prices.

Our clients love us for our phenomenal work

We can help you take off your dream project...really!

We have served these clients, plus many more. And don't forget to check our own apps - MemberFactory, CoachRack, and RewardBurst, which are used by thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will happen after I sign up?

We will give you access to our project management (PM) area. Once your PM account is created, we will schedule a call with you to talk about your project/tasks. We will suggest you a work breakdown structure and set up milestones. Then you can start posting your tasks. A project manager will ensure that you get your work done, timely.

Q. What if I don't have any work to assign to my staff?

If you don't have any task to assign to your staff, you will be billed for only your monthly membership fee. That's a small price to pay for keeping your access active to a top talented team at such a low hourly rate.

Q. What if my resource takes more time to complete a task than I anticipated?

Please understand that your resource has his/her own level of expertise and understanding. For some tasks that might seem difficult to you, your resource may end up finishing those sooner than you expect. And for some tasks that might seem easy to you, your resource may take some additional time. There's really no way to measure accurately how much effort a task will take. It depends on a lot of factors. But we assure you that if you are not happy on a consistent basis with your resource, we will replace him/her. If you are still not happy with the new resource, we will gladly refund the monthly fee for you and end this contractual relationship.

Q. What if my tasks/work requires more than 40 hours in a week?

If your work requires more than 40 hours on a consistent basis, that means you need more than one resource. One resource can be used for a maximum of 40 hours a week. In that case, you may need to signup for a second subscription to get another resource added on your team. This way, you can hire as many resources as you want and scale up your team.

Q. What type of projects/ tasks can I assign to my staff?

We provide wide range of skilled resources ranging from programmers, customer support engineers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, data entry operators, CRM experts, social media experts, database managers, CMS developers (WordPress, Drupal, etc.), and mobile app developers (iOS, Android). If you are looking for something which is not listed in the above list, feel free to discuss with us.

During our project discussion session, we will understand your requirements and let you know whether it's something we can take up or not. Chances are that if we do not have a resource available for the skill set that you require, we may hire a new resource for you, provided it's a long term project / work.

Q. Can I switch between resources so that I use 2 hours for a virtual assistant, 10 hours for a programmer, and 5 hours for a social media expert?

Yes, you can switch resources. Simply add tasks in your project management area and we will allocate a right resource for your task.

Q. How much does it cost?

When you join the StaffRack Club, you will be billed a fixed fee of $97/mo for each resource that you hire. In addition to that, you will be sent an invoice every 15 days for the number of hours that you have used your resource for at a fixed rate of $5.99/hr. For example, if your resource has worked 10 hours in a month for your tasks, you will receive an invoice of $59.9 ($5.99/hr x 10 hours).

Q. Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel any time. And we will even keep your PM account active for full three months, just in case you want to come back and need access to all the past projects.

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